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  • Bell Sounds For new Communications Act

    The first phase of consultation on the next Communications Bill closes today. To say the review, which kicked off in May, was long awaited would be something of an understatement. In a world where the boundaries between TV, the internet and video on-demand are increasingly blurred, there are divisive issues to address on how, or if, […]

    What’s on George Osborne’s Mind?

    Tonight, the Chancellor George Osborne delivers the Mansion House address in the City of London. The annual Mansion House speech is a chance for the Chancellor to set out his vision – and to give the financial community an update on the economy. There’s plenty of informed speculation in the papers today about what the […]

    Cameron at top of strength

    Two massive u-turns risk overshadowing the news that really matters – the IMF’s endorsement of George Osborne’s plan A. Do not underestimate the importance of winning the explicit support of the markets and the IMF for the Chancellor’s deficit reduction strategy. It all-but silences Labour on the issue. It shores up the UK’s ability to […]

    Keeping the lights on

    The Government is shortly expected to confirm its vision for the future of UK energy supplies in the Electricity Market Review (EMR).  After consulting on proposals announced before Christmas, it is widely thought the review will confirm significant subsidies for large-scale renewables and new nuclear at the expense of fossil fuels. The politics of coalition […]

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