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  • Cameron’s hopes in the hands of Boris

    The Prime Minister is back in business – and looking to Boris Johnson to drive the next stage of Tory fortunes. Mr Cameron will dominate the airwaves today with a media blitz aimed at gaining the momentum. Victory in the London Mayoral elections for Boris in a fortnight’s time will give the PM a chance […]

    Active choice: Will number 10 opt-in?

    Claire Perry MP published her report on child protection on the internet this morning. It is the culmination of a bit of a one-woman crusade, but the cross-party backing for the report demonstrates the level of concern in Parliament about the issue. The report calls on technology companies, particularly ISPs, to take measures to ensure […]

    A new chapter for Portland

    When I started Portland, it was me working on a laptop in my bedroom. Now, 11 years later, Portland is an established and respected communications brand not just in London, but internationally. We employ over 80 people, have offices on three continents, and have a great array of clients whom we are proud to serve. […]

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