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  • New Term, New Tories?

    TORY high command are privately buoyed by Treasury figures showing the economy is in a better state than many economists believe it to be. David Cameron and George Osborne are cautiously optimistic that the green shoots of recovery may – just may – be visible in parts of the country. They are not alone. Serious […]

    The portland Annual policy Review: Five Lessons For The Coalition’s Future

    Portland’s Annual Policy Review 2012 – organised by James O’Shaughnessy, chief policy adviser at Portland and former director for policy for Prime Minister David Cameron – warns of major challenges ahead for the Tory and Liberal Democrat Coalition partners. Following the fall-out from the Government’s withdrawal of legislation to reform the House of Lords, David Cameron and […]

    Romney’s mountain to climb

    Republican leader Mitt Romney has just 60 days to win over the country or there will be another four years of Democrat President Barack Obama in the White House. The two leaders are neck-and-neck in the polls on 46.7 per cent after a fortnight of conventions which appear to have failed to deliver a lead […]

    Cameron stamps authority on Coalition

    David Cameron has today stamped his authority on the Coalition by putting a string of right-leaning Tories into key Cabinet and junior ministerial posts. The PM has seized back control of defence, the battle for a third runway at Heathrow, and law and order. In the course of one day, he’s dished out quite a […]

    After a summer dominated by gold… a gamble for the Greens

    This morning, the Green Party unveiled its new leader Natalie Bennett. Her appointment is an attempt to broaden the talent pool and show the Greens are more than a one woman act. But the introduction of an unknown is a gamble. After a summer dominated by gold, one could be forgiven for having bypassed what […]

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