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  • Votes for 16 year olds – an early contender for manifestos?

    With House of Lords reform and changes to the electoral system both on the back burner, the age of suffrage might yet become a front line constitutional issue. Whether or not to give votes to 16-year-olds is hardly likely to swing the election, but the possibility of change is creeping closer. The argument is, though, […]

    Global Politics on Twitter

    Study by Portland reveals that elections around the world play out on Twitter Portland’s new study ranks the most followed, active and discussed politicians on Twitter Elections drive the political conversation on Twitter. The US, Mexican and Venezuelan elections were among the most discussed issues by politicians on Twitter around the world, according a new […]

    The Autumn Statement: A Look Ahead

    BRITAIN will be stuck in the economic doldrums for at least another five years, George Osborne will warn in tomorrow’s Autumn statement. The nation will suffer continued spending cuts and be forced to live on short rations until at least 2018 as he battles to get the economy back on its feet, he will tell […]

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