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  • Kenyan candidates and voters take to Twitter ahead of elections

    As we found when we reviewed global politics on Twitter in late 2012, Twitter has become a crucial election tool in countries across the globe. Kenya is no exception to this rule. This election campaign has seen Kenyan politicians and voters take to social media as never before to discuss the candidates and debate the main issues. […]

    Tools to help plan your campaigns

    We know everyone is busy planning campaigns, so we’ve put together some of our favourite, free digital tools that we hope you will find useful. Know what’s on As a campaign planner, it is important to know what is going on, and when. The Guardian has just the calendar to keep you in the know. […]

    The Battlegrounds of the Next Election

    Although the 2015 General Election seems a long way off, the battle lines are starting to become clearer. Prime Minister David Cameron has issued a full-throated appeal to what he described as Britain’s “strivers”, those people who work hard and do the right thing. Cameron knows that a Conservative majority simply cannot be delivered without […]

    Inspire: First edition

    Welcome to the first edition of our monthly newsletter ‘Inspire’. Our aim is to alert you to the latest digital and social trends, bringing together news from across the web with the views of our in-house team of experts. In this issue, we look at digital trends for 2013, look back at the rise of […]

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