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  • Paywalls – Turning Point or Last Gasp for Newspapers?

    The Sun is setting on the era of free news. The website of the UK’s favourite red top newspaper is set to disappear behind a paywall in the autumn. This follows the announcement by The Daily Telegraph that it is also going to charge for access to its website. On-line readers will be prevented by […]

    Justin Bieber helps World Water Day make a splash

    The 20th anniversary of  World Water Day, celebrated on 22nd March, provides a good example of the use of social media in campaigning. This annual UN event draws attention to the global pressures on fresh water and how co-operation can help overcome challenges. Everyone from UN organisations to teen celebrities are now involved with social media becoming increasingly important. […]

    Budget 2013 Analysis

    Download our full Budget 2013 analysis as a PDF file The Chancellor’s fourth Budget was, broadly speaking, fiscally and ideologically neutral: he neither looked as if he was accepting the Keynsian argument to spend more, nor the monetarist argument to retrench more in the light of the deterioration in public finances. He did however start […]

    Budget Preview 2013

    Ahead of the 2013 Budget, Portland’s George Pascoe-Watson offers his political insight into what the Chancellor will say and what he’s trying to achieve. We also give you a comprehensive rundown of the key announcements we expect to be made tomorrow, as well as a handy glossary of the key terms and what they mean. The Budget […]

    The political rationale behind Budget 2013

    When George Osborne gets to his feet on Wednesday lunchtime to deliver his fourth budget to parliament, he will effectively be firing the starting gun on the general election campaign. Nobody is expecting much in the way of new economic news. He only delivered his Autumn Statement on 5th December and not much has changed since […]

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