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  • Protect your reputation and increase your rank on search with Google Author rank

    As we know from our wide range of clients at Portland, how to manage on-line reputation is increasingly a central concern for companies and organisations. They want to know how they can ensure that on-line views of what they do are not distorted by unfair critic. There is no single answer to this challenge. But […]

    Copyrights and snooping – what does it actually mean for me (and my company)?

    The debate around online privacy and copyright infringement is nothing new. With the monitoring of online communications for security reasons back in the UK news following the incident in Woolwich, this is by no means the first time we’ve heard about how policy changes could affect how we work online. In the last few years, […]

    Queen’s Speech 2013 – Behind the Announcements

    Portland’s Corporate Communications and Public Affairs team explore the detail behind four of the major announcements in this afternoon’s Queen’s Speech – examining the politics of these decisions, the key winners and losers, and likely next steps: HS2: STILL ON TRACK The continuing battle to re-build the economy was a consistent thread throughout the Queen’s […]

    Queen’s Speech 2013 Look Ahead

    Ahead of the 2013 Queen’s Speech, Portland’s George Pascoe-Watson considers the political rationale behind the coalition government’s decisions, and our Public Affairs team explore the likely announcements expected tomorrow. By George Pascoe-Watson David Cameron will seek to turn promises into delivery in tomorrow’s Queen’s Speech as he tries to put Britain’s strivers ahead of immigrants and scroungers. The […]

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