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  • Making social media work in the NHS

    At the heart of the NHS reforms is the mantra, ‘no decision about me, without me’. To enable this new culture of patient-centered decision-making, the Department of Health sparked a so-called “information revolution”. This means giving patients easy access to high quality, personalised information that will help them on their way to making the right […]

    Russia and Syria dominate discussion as G8 closes

    With the Summit now finished, we’re taking a look at what was discussed on Twitter around the G8 on the final day of the Summit. As was the case on day one, Russia and Syria were among the most discussed issues on Twitter yesterday. One of the most popular tweets – posted by the BBC’s […]

    The week before – A Review of #G8

    As the G8 begins in Northern Ireland today, we look back at the conversations on Twitter in the week leading up to the global summit. Topics of Discussion Looking at all of the tweets with the hashtag #g8 between 10 – 16 June, the most common accompanying hashtag was #occupylondon.  Given Twitter’s popularity with younger […]

    Syria, Obama and Putin the hot topics on Twitter as G8 begins

    Today saw the commencement of the G8 Summit, with leaders arriving and the first batch of comments being made. It has been a busy day for the #G8 hashtag, with nearly 50,000 tweets receiving over 500 million impressions. As might be expected, the leaders themselves were among the most discussed topics on Twitter today. Barack […]

    Innovation takes over the G8 discussion

    Our post on digital at the G8 today focuses on the Innovation Conference, which brings together entrepreneurs, researchers, creative’s, scientists, and policy makers to discuss global innovation. With high profile speakers, such as Richard Branson and Ron Dennis of McLaren, and government representation from David Willetts and David Cameron, the event has drawn much attention […]

    Sexual violence in conflict and everyday sexism top G8 women agenda

    Following our previous posts on digital around the G8, today we look at the Twitter discussion around women and the G8. An analysis of tweets including the terms “women” and “G8” over the last ten weeks shows that the UK government’s campaign against sexual violence in conflict zones had a significant impact on online discussion: […]

    Tax, Trade & Transparency – who’s leading #G8 discussion?

    Today we take a closer look at the stories and individuals driving conversation around the G8’s three Ts – Tax, Trade and Transparency. Over the last 24 hours, discussion around the G8 hashtag has been led by tax with 60% of the conversation: Tax Tax, in contrast to trade and transparency, has broken on to […]

    UK Government mobilises digital diplomacy as G8 approaches

    UK Government mobilises digital diplomacy as G8 approaches When it comes to digital diplomacy, the UK government is considered one of the best in class. The FCO have created an online media machine that includes twitter, blogs, storify, flickr, YouTube channels and more which has gone into overdrive for G8. We have picked some of […]

    Campaigning organisations dominate conversation ahead of G8

    With the leaders of the world’s most powerful nations set to descend on Lough Erne, Northern Ireland, for the G8 Summit, Portland has been monitoring conversation on Twitter and over the next two weeks will be providing analysis and roundups on the top themes, discussion and individuals leading the debate. This year’s summit, under the […]

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