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  • Tax, Trade & Transparency – who’s leading #G8 discussion?

    Tax, Trade & Transparency - who’s leading #G8 discussion?

    Today we take a closer look at the stories and individuals driving conversation around the G8’s three Ts – Tax, Trade and Transparency. Over the last 24 hours, discussion around the G8 hashtag has been led by tax with 60% of the conversation:

    G8 Chart


    Tax, in contrast to trade and transparency, has broken on to the media agenda. The on-going debate around tax avoidance by major corporates and the UK Government’s efforts to reach an agreement with overseas territories has increased traffic on Twitter and news organisations take the top three positions as the most authoritative sources.

    The UK government’s digital diplomacy efforts keep them among top influencers, while the Centre for Global Development, Christian Aid and Oxfam are the third parties leading the way.


    Trade UK Government channels figure strongly on trade but think tanks are also rising up with the Centre for Global Development and the Overseas Development Initiative amongst the top influencers. The anti-G8 protests in London yesterday has also makes a showing, with Occupy London the fourth most influential twitter profile. @foreignoffice @CGDev @cabinetofficeuk @OccupyLondon @GdnLaw @markdevenport @Number10press @odi_development



    Think tanks and NGOs are successfully shaping the online discussion on transparency. The Centre for Global Development, which features across the G8 themes, comes top with Oxfam and the EnoughFoodIf campaign also featuring.

    From outside the G8, a special mention should go to Zitto Zuberi Kabwe (@zittokabwe), shadow finance minister in Tanzania. With close to 55,000 followers, his retweets and interactions on the G8 agenda make him a surprise addition to the top influencers on tax and transparency.

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