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  • Preparing for the social media storm

    “Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?” The famous quote by Edward Lorenz was about unpredictability of weather forecasting but could just as easily apply to social media. We know that the effects of freak weather can wreak havoc. Hence, we prepare by taking out insurance, installing […]

    Why Ed Miliband Could Take Britain Out of Europe

    BRITAIN is more likely to quit the EU if Ed Miliband pledges a referendum on Europe, government officials are predicting. The political and business worlds are desperate to find out if Labour’s leader will match David Cameron’s promise of an in/out referendum. And the answer could have massive consequences for the history of the UK. […]

    2013 Spending Review Analysis

    Read Portland’s analysis of the 2013 Spending Review prepared by our Chief Economic Adviser, Kitty Ussher. Kitty’s analysis highlights how the 2013 Spending Review precipitated a realignment in the political debate. Dividing lines have now shifted from the speed of deficit reduction to levels of capital investment and more fundamental structural reforms. Her analysis provides an in-depth […]

    Regional Policy: Mr Osborne’s Gamble

    This has been a good week for the Government, with a largely well-received Spending Review. But while two elements of the Coalition’s growth strategy – deficit reduction and infrastructure investment – came over loud and clear, the third was left in a more ambiguous state. The Government continues to aim for regional rebalancing but may […]

    Integrated care: making it a reality

    The NHS is currently making sense of the sweeping changes that took place on 1 April 2013. Former Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s NHS Act introduced greater fragmentation to the health service.  NHS England, regional teams, commissioning support units, clinical commissioning groups, clinical senates, clinical networks and health and wellbeing boards need to decide when to […]

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