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  • David Cameron at the Conservative Party Conference: the road to 2015

    Party conferences and the leader’s speech do not usually change much in the bigger political picture. But as the Tories head up to Manchester, questions around Syria, UKIP’s polling performance and an attention-grabbing – if divisive – speech by Ed Miliband mean that Cameron needs to perform. Given the conference order, Cameron has the advantage […]

    Demonising Ed Miliband as “Red” Plays Into His Hands

    DAVID Cameron is faced with a knotty problem – how to demonise Ed Miliband as an arch left-winger without playing into the Labour leader’s hands? Not so long ago, Labour’s communications team went out of their way to stop their leader being branded “Red” Ed by the newspapers. But now they’ve backed off – because […]

    Labour Conference 2013: A high-stakes speech

    Even more than Nick Clegg or David Cameron, Ed Miliband leaves a lot riding on this year’s Conference speech. He will go to Brighton facing up to a media narrative – successfully established by the Conservatives – which questions Labour’s economic trustworthiness and Mr Miliband’s leadership credentials. Left unchecked, these questions will pursue him all […]

    Lib Dem conference 2013: Clegg shows his strength

    This year’s Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow saw Nick Clegg looking to navigate probably the last danger zone before the party gears up for the General Election. He will almost certainly emerge content that he has done so. The two big risks were the emergence from the floor of positions which the media could characterise […]

    The move online – media in Africa

    Major international outlets have been making the move online for years, with their readership following suit and abandoning print and paper for apps and online ads. You can understand why as well. In a world of Twitter and Facebook, we demand instant news, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. […]

    Lib Dem Conference 2013: what can Nick Clegg say next?

    On Wednesday, Nick Clegg will deliver his sixth conference speech as Leader of the Liberal Democrats and his third as Deputy Prime Minister. The content of his five previous speeches tells us much about Mr Clegg’s leadership style and the challenges he faces. The most obvious difference across 2008 to 2012 is the shift from […]

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