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  • Kitty Ussher on the 2014 Budget

    Summary The big numbers Key policy announcements Winners and losers Things to watch   Summary Conscious that his party scores highly on its ability to take tough decisions, the Chancellor used this week’s Budget to further elongate the timescale over which those tough decisions need to be made.  His key message was that this is […]

    Budget 2014

    Following a strong start to 2014, Osborne can be more confident that the economic recovery has become self-sustaining. The Office for Budget Responsibility’s economic growth forecasts show the UK economy is growing faster than any other developed nation, as Government borrowing continues to fall as a percentage of GDP. However, the medium-term looks less certain […]

    Osborne’s cupboard is almost empty

    George Osborne’s Budget cupboard is virtually empty. It was finished a week ago in the clearest possible sign that it’s on course to be one of the most forgotten in history. He’ll single out Britain’s lowest paid parents and workers for the meagre handouts he has to offer. More people will start paying the top […]

    24 hours of tweets in Africa

    Twitter use around the world is on the rise. That story isn’t new. But who are these tweeters and where are they? In 2012, we released How Africa Tweets – the first comprehensive analysis of Twitter use on the continent. Two years on – tomorrow, more specifically – we’ll be releasing our next How Africa […]

    Is this the beginning of the end for the dumbphone in Africa?

    The rise of mobile in Africa has been one of the hot topics in communications on the continent for some time. Greater mobile use is having a massive impact on communications across the continent. With more people on mobile devices, we’re seeing more people accessing web content on phones, apps and web tools being developed […]

    Important information about the .uk domain

    Later this year, the top-level domain .uk will become available for use. Currently, all web addresses using this domain include a ‘second-level ‘ domain (.co.uk, .org.uk, etc.). For the first time, we will all start seeing web addresses that simply end .uk. For many website owners, this has prompted an obvious question: ‘will other people […]

    Twitter and Ukraine

    Before November 21, the Kyiv Post – the primary English language news outlet in Ukraine – had a small but inconsequential online presence. Its editors and reporters maintained similarly low profiles. But as Ukraine devolved into chaos, the Kyiv Post and its editor, Christopher Miller, found themselves go-to sources for updates on the unfolding crisis. […]

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