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  • Who uses the Commercial Court?

    While there is a widespread desire for concerted international pressure on President Putin over Ukraine, sanctions can be viewed as a double-edged sword for countries with strong commercial links with Russia and its citizens. It has led to a great deal of comment on what a sustained tough sanctions campaign might mean for the UK […]

    The London local elections – a muddled message for 2015

    My day campaigning for the Conservatives in West London ended rather disappointingly. But I am not sure it told me much about the General Election next year. Ealing has fast turned into one of London’s most diverse boroughs, with a typically transient population. A day spent hitting the pavements to get out the vote across […]

    2014 Elections: View from the polling station

    I spent yesterday outside a Hertfordshire polling station in the rain watching voters come and go. Today’s results show how the game has changed for the UK’s major party – and I could definitely feel the change there on the ground. Voters of all shapes and sizes passed me by, all with a smile on […]

    Is health trailblazing the return of pledge card politics?

    Last week brought back memories of the 1997 Tony Blair highly effective pre-election pledge card as Labour made a raft of policy announcements in health. Back then the focus was on reducing waiting lists for hospital treatment – 15 years later the party offer guarantees for GP consultations and the end of 15 minute care […]

    “It’s the women, stupid!”

    When considering how best to maintain his recent polling surge Cameron would do well to ignore the media’s obsession with UKIP. Despite the Eurosceptics’ rapid ascent to the political grown-ups’ table, the Conservatives face the prospect of another potentially much more serious psephological implosion: the female vote. Cameron, according to a poll by Ipsos Mori, […]

    Beautiful news

    It’s not exactly rocket science to claim that a picture tells a thousand words. That said, it would seem that this maxim has now become firmly entrenched in the world of the press, and not simply when it comes to photojournalism. Every day, more top media houses are embracing the power of visuals to tell […]

    Election 2015 – Mixed Messages from Abroad

    In the run-up to next year’s general election, UK party leaders will seek inspiration from abroad. Inevitably, it is to the US that they turn first. However, they might be in danger of believing the import of US-style campaigns is easier than it really is. Recent results around the world have been unpredictable, with no […]

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