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  • New health select committee chair spells trouble for pharma

    This week has laid bare one of the great long term difficulties facing the major political parties, as polling published in the Guardian show voters thought all politicians look and sound the same. A suspicion then partially confirmed by a follow up showing the extent of centrally selected candidates for the upcoming General Election. This […]

    World Cup elections: winners and losers

    The World Cup usually happens once every Parliament and is a chance for politicians to do their best to appear normal. But Prime Ministers who rely on a tide of patriotic good feeling are often let down by the England team. Party leaders like to use football as a way of appearing to have interests […]

    The Newark By-Election: a sign of things to come?

    Today’s by-election in Newark might be the last concrete indication of how the country will vote in the general election in May 2015. By-elections can show you which way the country is leaning, but on this occasion the result is unlikely to tell us a huge amount. By-elections are very different from general elections. They […]

    Planning for London’s next period of growth

    What infrastructure does London need to grow?  How do we deliver it?  Big questions for the capital’s future that we asked at a Portland Local breakfast with speakers from London First and ComRes. With an economic recovery taking hold, particularly in London, infrastructure priorities rank high on the political agenda. And a year before a […]

    Will Newark and the Queen’s Speech make Cameron a hero?

    David Cameron looks odds-on to toast victory in the crunch Newark by-election on Thursday but he’s warning his troops to take nothing for granted. The Prime Minister believes a runaway Conservative lead in the latest polling can’t be taken at face value. There are many “shy” voters who won’t say what their real intentions are. […]

    Near or far: the cyclical debate about what hospitals are actually for

    In an interview for the Telegraph last week, NHS England CEO Simon Stevens set out the unfashionable case for smaller hospitals – citing they would do a better job for elderly people at the end of their lives. In doing so he was making another contribution to a debate that has constantly swung back and […]

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