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  • The ‘other’ diversity issue – the BME voice in UK politics

    The Prime Minister’s perceived ‘woman problem’ is well-documented. But the black and minority ethnic (BME) vote should be of increasing importance to the political parties at election time. However, compared to the measures to close the gender gap, there are fewer signs of efforts to boost BME representation in Parliament or Government. On Monday the […]

    When should we call something a crisis?

    The news at the moment is brimming with crises. There is a crisis in Iraq. There is a “cost of living” crisis in the UK. Ukraine has been in crisis since November; Syria since 2011. For journalists, declaring something a “crisis” is a guaranteed way to grab people’s attention in the fast-moving news cycle. At […]

    Election 2015: decapitations unlikely

    The next election may or may not bring a change of government. But there is very little chance of voters removing the Conservative front bench. The Liberal Democrats, however, may be looking for some new front line stars. In 2010, when the Conservatives were at their most bullish, there was talk of a ‘decapitation strategy’, […]

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