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  • The power of hashtags

    There are still some sceptics who dismiss Twitter, arguing that it has a limited impact and that its popularity will soon be surpassed by the next “big thing”. However, Twitter’s relevance continues to grow, not only as a social platform but also as an information sharing tool. It has undeniably revolutionised the way we interact […]

    Social media and the Brazilian elections

    On October 26, Brazilians head to the polls to elect their next president. As campaigns enter the final days, candidates are going beyond the airwaves to exploit the power of social media. In what is being called one of the most exciting and hostile elections in Brazilian history, the race is as tight as ever. […]

    How is globalisation affecting national reputations?

    For those who accept the reality of globalisation, there is a growing consensus on one clear consequence – the loss of control. In this vein, states are often said to have lost the power they once had over their domestic platforms. Meanwhile, several factors suggest they may have lost control of another crucial asset: their […]

    The ‘Digital’ Election campaign: who will benefit most?

    Both the Conservatives and Labour have made noteworthy hires in the last year and each is ramping up its digital campaigning. Each party feels it has much to gain from an online campaign. But if aimed at the youth vote, digital campaigns have a lot of ground to cover before they translate into votes cast. […]

    Lib Dem Conference – the conversations on social media

    Along with all other parties vying for a share of the electorate come May, the Liberal Democrats are gearing up for a focus on digital campaigning. This fact became even clearer during the Lib Dem conference this week. The first indication of the increased digital focus was the release of the Lib Dem conference app, […]

    Zombies and loons: the wildcard vote after Clacton

    Last night’s result in Clacton demonstrated that the days of three-party exclusivity in England are over. But the occasional wildcard victory should not make us imagine that anything now goes in elections. There are ways of disrupting the established order, but the odds remain against the mavericks. Only a handful of independent or minor party […]

    Liberal Democrats: Born to rule?

    As pre-election rallying cries go, it’s not the most inspiring. “Go back to your constituencies and prepare for: Option A: “Another 5 years (but maybe less…) of coalition in support of a Labour/Conservative party government who were desperate to scrape enough votes together to be able to get rid of you” Option B: “A period […]

    Conservative Party Conference – the conversations on social media

    It’s been said before that Conservatives don’t ‘get digital’ and that it’s only a space for parties of the centre left to inhabit. Indeed over in the US, both John McCain and Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaigns failed to match the social media groundswell behind Obama’s original and re-election campaigns. However, evidence suggests the social media […]

    Conservative Party Conference: Not all doom and gloom

    After one of the most eventful lead ups to the conference season in years, the Tories did not disappoint. For members heading to Birmingham at the weekend, the news seemed pretty dire, with another defection to UKIP and a good old fashioned Tory sex scandal (albeit involving new technology). Setting aside the lurid Brooks Newmark […]

    Liberal Democrats: morale, membership and grassroots

    David Cameron claimed this week claimed that 2015 was a choice between “me in Downing Street or Ed Miliband in Downing Street”. Next week will give Nick Clegg his chance to argue for a different scenario. However as well as the public, he needs to make his members listen. This Parliament has seen the Lib […]

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