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  • Building the recovery: What’s next for development?

    Planning Minister Brandon Lewis was the guest at a Portland Local breakfast in Westminster as an invited audience of development and infrastructure representatives took stock of the practical impacts of the Government’s localism agenda and the key planning and development issues ahead of next year’s General Election. The Minister’s recent comments around local plans and […]

    Portland launches Place Branding practice

    Portland has appointed leading soft power and place branding expert Jonathan McClory as Director for Branding and Global Engagement. He will head the Agency’s Place Branding Practice, serving countries, regions, and cities. The team will provide comprehensive, evidence-based strategies to enhance their reputations through campaigns combining policy, communications, branding, and marketing. McClory brings years of […]

    EHI Live 2014: Are we on the brink of an eHealth revolution?

    This week E-health Insider (EHI) held their seventh annual EHI Live conference at the NEC in Birmingham, bringing together the UK’s growing digital health community. I was lucky enough to go along to meet the innovators and entrepreneurs filling this space and hear industry leaders talk about their commitment to paving the way for a […]

    Why global instability reigns

    2014 has been a remarkable year thus far in terms of international relations. From revolution and war on the fringes of Europe in Ukraine, to the rise of Islamic State in the Middle East, the past several months have seen a number of international crises seize the attention of the world’s governments and media. However, […]

    Flipping a district

    As noted by Lucy Bradlow in her post, the media attention in the run up to the 2014 election was very segmented and partisan. Instead of relying on traditional media, some took their campaigns online. On 31 January of this year comedian Bill Maher announced on his weekly news panel show that he would be […]

    Republicans’ last stand

    This is it. It’s the Republicans’ last chance to show America they can win majorities and are capable of winning the White House from the Democrats. They head into the mid-term elections with a strong lead in the polls, but anything short of taking the Senate will be a heavy blow to the “establishment” G.O.P. […]

    Preaching to the choir: Accessing undecided voters in the midterms

    If you were watching CNN last week you could be forgiven for not knowing there was a national election coming in the United States. Ebola and ISIS continued to dominate the 24-hour news stream, with surprisingly little coverage of the midterm elections on November, 4. Switch to Fox News and there was coverage of very […]

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