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  • How to communicate your value in times of crisis

    It seems right now that energy companies just can’t catch a break. If the recent 40 percent fall in oil prices is a boon for global consumers, the news has not gone down so well in the boardrooms across Houston and Calgary. The Economist recently published a witty front page depicting what it calls the […]

    Our Buzz on the New New Republic

    The recent mass exodus of staff at The New Republic has called attention to the ways profit driven media entities are reshaping communications. The carnage was the result of the magazine’s new owner, Chris Hughes’ belief that the publication could no longer be run as a “charity”, and the implementation of a series of measures […]

    Countdown begins on new climate change agreement

    Over the past two weeks, diplomats from around the world have descended on Lima for the latest round of UN climate change negotiations. The annual conference has been framed as an essential step along the road to the 2015 conference in Paris, where leaders are under increasing pressure to go beyond empty rhetoric and sign […]

    Latin America’s year of elections on social media

    2014 was the year of elections in Latin America. Seven of 19 Latin American countries went to the polls for presidential races, with the final run-off concluding in Uruguay this past weekend. Latin America has all the makings of becoming the world leader in digital campaigning. Spanish is the most used language among world leaders […]

    Battle of the Christmas ads

    There was a time, not so long ago, when the beginning of the festive season was marked by the launch of one single ad. Coca Cola’s annual offering, with its bright red lorries driving through snow-packed streets, and the image of Santa holding the brand’s famous glass bottles, has resonated with the UK audience over […]

    Autumn Statement – financial analysis

    Despite expectations to the contrary, the Chancellor, George Osborne, was able to present an Autumn Statement with a budget deficit that continued to fall, even though he had only achieved half of what he’d expected back in 2010. With the economic recovery now well established and a general election due in May he was keen […]

    Osborne’s big NHS giveaway: is it enough?

    This week saw a turn in the long running pre-election political arms race over NHS funding, as Chancellor George Osborne announced a £2 billion a year cash injection and a one off £1.1 billion payment to improve GP services. The additional funding was again described by Osborne as a ‘down payment’ on the ‘Five Year […]

    Slim pickings from the Santa Claus Chancellor

    The Autumn Statement is one of the incumbent’s last chances to tout their economic achievements and woo voters with last minute policy giveaways. However, today was more an exercise in stock-taking than stocking-filling. The economic state of affairs is a far cry from the rosy picture Cameron would have hoped to unveil this close to […]

    Autumn Statement – the election campaign begins

    George Osborne used the Autumn Statement today to stick to the key message: the economy is gradually improving, but there is more work to do, and given the chance, Labour would ruin the recovery with more borrowing and spending. Combined with even heavier pre-briefing than we usually see, there were very few surprises in the […]

    What next for the Sustainable Development Goals?

    In 2015, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which have guided so much of what the development community has done for the past 15 years, will expire and the international community will need to decide on what will replace them. But how can businesses understand and engage with the process? The development community has shown a […]

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