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  • Labour: mixed signals on health reform?

    As we draw closer to the General Election, Ed Miliband and Andy Burnham delivered key campaign speeches on Labour’s plans for the future of the NHS yesterday. As a result, Labour officials will survey the latest polling with satisfaction, succeeding to place health at the top of the political debate, which Labour feel comfortable on […]

    State of the Union 2015: When unscripted moments go viral

    Before Tuesday’s State of the Union, President Obama’s digital team went into overdrive prepping for the speech. They broke it down into every imaginable internet-friendly slice, including infographics, tweets, vines, videos and even a live feed papered with real-time visuals to communicate the most important pieces of Obama’s plans. It went well for the first 56 minutes. And then this happened: […]

    Portland expands Washington, DC office, hiring Scott Nolan Smith

    Portland has expanded its recently-established Washington office; appointing digital diplomacy and strategic communications expert, Scott Nolan Smith, as an Associate Director. Scott will advise clients on media and digital engagement strategy, international affairs, diplomatic communications and digital transformation. Scott joins Portland from his post as Head of Digital Diplomacy at the British Embassy in Washington, DC, […]

    After a cyber attack, don’t be an easy Target

    In the aftermath of the Sony scandal, individuals, organisations and governments are being warned to prepare for a rise in cyber-crime. According to a recent survey, 78% of organisations experienced a data breach in the past two years. This means that while protective measures are still essential, so too are proactive plans for reputation management […]

    How to make your social media investment count

    According to a new report released by Blackbaud, over half of not-for-profit organisations in the UK increased their social media budget for 2015. Many have hired more in-house social media staff. However, in the same study the majority of respondents rated their social media efforts as “less than successful”. What is driving this increase in […]

    The new advertorial: crossing the line?

    “Native advertising”, “sponsored content”, “content marketing” – digital media’s newest advertising format is based on an old concept. The advertorial, an ad that imitates editorial layout, has existed for decades. In the digital age, however, the concept has taken on new forms – from suggested posts on Facebook to promoted tweets on Twitter to sponsored […]

    Free Internet access across Africa

    We’ve all heard the stories and wondered whether they were fact or science-fiction. Drones and balloons traveling across Africa, beaming wireless signals down to rural communities to allow them to access the internet for the first time. For a long time, it seemed as if Google were ahead of Facebook with its balloon-based Project Loon […]

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