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  • Portland hires Anthony Simon

    Anthony Simon, currently Head of Digital Communication at the Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office, will join Portland’s international team from Mid-May, advising clients including national and local governments, multinational corporates, and international foundations. Anthony will be based in London primarily where he will support Portland’s digital work with clients around the world, working alongside […]

    Road to the Sustainable Development Goals

    Everything you wanted to know about the post-2015 process but were afraid to ask… As intergovernmental negotiations take place in New York this week, Portland and Trio Policy are delighted to launch their interactive timeline on the final stages of the post-2015 process and the establishment of the Sustainable Development Goals. This process has already […]

    Budget 2015: Steady as she goes, or enough is enough?

    The Chancellor’s pre-election budget held on March 18th was designed first and foremost to be safe. A policy decision to sell £20bn of banking assets, combined with a fortuitous fall in debt and welfare payments at the same time as the economy is growing, allowed the chancellor to bring forward by one year – to […]

    Budget 2015

    With the election campaign beginning in two weeks, the Chancellor had to do five things in his budget speech. First, stress that the UK is on the right economic track. Second, make sure he remains the choice of British businesses who pay their way and pay their taxes. Third, choose his giveaways carefully and make […]

    Osborne’s options: lessons from pre-election budgets

    George Osborne’s last budget speech may be the one he is remembered for. After the omnishambles of 2012, but much more assured performances since, this is his last chance to make an offer to the electorate. Recent history shows how the challenge has changed. The Tory governments of the eighties and nineties had a simple […]

    Budget 2015 – what’s in store?

    Wednesday’s budget speech is the Chancellor’s last set piece chance in this Parliament to make a change, lay a legacy and try to win an election. Although stern warnings have gone round Whitehall as to the consequences of saying too much to the media, there have as ever been several well-laid clues as to the […]

    A financial risk for banks, a reputational risk for regulators

    Like it or not, many US imports have successfully infiltrated this side of the Atlantic. But for the banks in this country and those who seek to regulate them, it is the Americanisation of corporate criminal justice that could prove to be the most significant. At the end of last year UK regulators, together with […]

    The Freeman Review: the silver bullet?

    After a lengthy delay, Jeremy Hunt has finally announced that the Innovative Medicines and Med Tech review will be led by Sir Hugh Taylor, chair of Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Trust, and supported by an expert advisory group to be led by Sir John Bell, Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University. Sir Hugh […]

    When diplomatic visits go well – and not so well

    The President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, is in town this week for an official State Visit. While in London he will stay at Buckingham Palace, attend a grand banquet held in his honour, and deliver an address to both Houses of Parliament. Pena Nieto is the first of two world leaders traditionally hosted each […]

    Tuition Fees : Labour’s pitch to the young

    Ed Miliband’s electoral pledge to cut university tuition fees has an obvious appeal to students, their parents, and disgruntled 2010 Liberal Democrat voters. It could be enough to carry a handful of crucial seats. A Political Studies Association study of expert opinion on the election result, released yesterday, indicates biggest parties will be “virtually inseparable”. […]

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