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  • Why are foreign outlets breaking stories in English?

    As the world’s media landscape becomes increasingly globalised, news outlets are more aware than ever of their potential to reach a transnational audience. Late last month, German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) joined the likes of Al Jazeera and France 24 in launching a 24-hour English news channel.

    A feminist party is taking Sweden by storm

    In the shadow of the swell in support for far-right political parties during last year’s EU elections was the more localised, yet still remarkable success of a party based on the polar opposite of all that the extreme right-wing stands for. Sweden’s Feministiskt Initiativ (Feminist Initiative) received enough votes to secure parliamentary representation.

    Localism 2.0?

    The announcement last week of wide-ranging planning reforms are an acknowledgement that - if Government is to meet its ambitious housing targets – change is needed. The key measures, launched by George Osborne as the centrepiece of the Fixing the Foundations report, include: The introduction of a new zonal system.

    Cut welfare while the sun is shining

    Using the cover of rising employment and a steadily growing economy, the Chancellor, George Osborne, used his latest budget to make massive real terms cuts to working-age welfare payments. He froze all working age tax credits and benefits in cash terms, increased the speed at which tax credits are tapered away and reduced future support for larger families.

    Budget 2015: A rabbit out of the hat

    George Osborne has developed a reputation for pulling rabbits out of hats at Budget time, but what a rabbit & what a hat. The Budget itself was bold enough – the first purely Conservative Budget for 19 years took an axe to welfare as well as to taxes on income – but the truly revolutionary aspect was a Conservative Chancellor creating a new, higher minimum wage for the first time in history.

    Budget breakdown

    The overnight pre-briefing promised a ‘big’ budget. George Osborne’s announcements today certainly lived up to the billing. In the first Budget under a purely Conservative administration for 19 years, George Osborne sought to claim the mantle of the “workers’ party” from Labour: a budget for working people, creating a lower tax, lower welfare UK.

    Round the Houses with the Labour Mayoral Candidates

    With rising property prices, shrinking floor space and lack of provision threatening to push ‘ordinary’ people out of the Capital, housing has already been set up as the central issue for next year’s London Mayoral elections. Regardless of who is selected as the candidate it is already clear that Labour believe winning the argument on housing is key to winning back City Hall.

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