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  • 5 things your business can learn from Jeremy Corbyn

    Ballot papers for the Labour leadership race have dropped in members and supporters inboxes this week. Despite the fact that there is still 21 days to go until ballots close, some bookmakers have already paid out for Jeremy Corbyn. Whether he wins or not, the rise of the hard left backbencher offers lessons in contentious communications.

    Frack on

    Today, the Government has announced its decision to centralise decisions on fracking applications. However, in doing so, they may have undermined their own political philosophy, removing local powers from communities, in response to delays and rejections of fracking applications. The announcement bodes well for potential shale developers in the UK.

    Employee Engagement – Why Should You Care?

    We’ve all experienced it at one time or another – the sense of dread as we turn off the television on a Sunday night and hop into bed. It’s the end of the weekend, which means the inevitable thud back down to reality tomorrow morning as we return to the job we hate. It all started so well – the perfect job role, the brilliant interview and the excitement in the first few weeks.

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