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    A recent speech to a business audience left me thinking that, for many, the EU & its single market are not so much a question of being for or against as one of wanting to know just what, for the individual business, their significance is. A single market in which goods, services, people and capital would be able to move freely within a customs union, lay at the heart of the EU’s founding treaty.

    5 takeaways from Corbyn’s first reshuffle

    After almost three days of negotiations and two weeks of briefing, what is probably the longest reshuffle in history is over. The minute-by-minute blows of Corbyn’s first reshuffle can be found here on the LabourList live blog, however there are 5 things that the whole ordeal can tell us about the current dynamics within the Labour Party.

    The year ahead for the European Union

    The referendum will be held in April. The Dutch one that is. No Government likes domestic political controversy during its period as President of the EU Council (which is one reason why the British Government are keen to hold the British referendum before 2017, since Britain will be in the chair in the second half of next year).

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