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  • The gloves are off in Manchester

    Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council, has in the last couple of days dramatically ruled himself out of the running to be the first mayor of Greater Manchester. The news comes after months of speculation about who the candidates for the job will be, and Leese was viewed as a potential frontrunner.

    Guidance on the EU Referendum rules

    The Government must give 16 weeks’ notice of the date of the EU referendum. The exact duration of the campaign will be determined by the Electoral Commission. The electorate will consist of registered voters (18 and over) in the United Kingdom, British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens living in the UK and UK nationals who have lived overseas for less than fifteen years.

    Was Cameron’s deal enough to satisfy eurosceptics?

    David Cameron sought “fundamental” change in Britain’s relationship with the rest of the European Union. On BBC radio on Saturday morning, the Chancellor of the Exchequer described the outcome as “substantial”, though he hastily added the word “fundamental” as well. “Substantial” is nearer the mark.

    Corporate leaders in Europe & the US need to have a Plan B

    Ahead of the today’s EU summit in Brussels, where European leaders of state negotiate a new “deal” for Britain in the EU, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker warned that a British exit from the EU was not an option & that there was “no plan B”. Despite this optimistic rhetoric, I’d like to suggest that corporate leaders in both Europe and the US need to have that plan B.

    Policy view: outsourcing planning

    While the London Borough of Westminster is often regarded as one of the most efficient planning authorities in the UK, the experience for developers in Westminster is far from the norm, with many local authority planning departments hamstrung by a lack of capacity. This situation has now been recognised by the Government.

    London Mayoral Race: heating up

    With the London mayoral election just around the corner, we’ve been taking a look at what the frontrunners have been saying about housing. Housing has been top of the agenda for British politicians of all stripes for years and the mayoral candidates are looking for a new, compelling offer that cuts through the noise of the starter homes and help to buy policies.

    Review of President Tusk’s proposals

    President Tusk’s proposals to deal with Britain’s negotiating demands leave David Cameron with some things still to argue for; and they will require the agreement of all of the other 27 Member States. But Mr Cameron has achieved more than he has so far been given credit for in the immediate media reaction. The proposals take the form of legal texts, which are inevitably opaque.

    The EU Single Market: the future

    The EU, taken as a whole, is the UK’s largest trading partner, accounting for 45% of UK exports, and 53% of UK imports, of goods and services in 2014. Successive Governments have calculated that over 3 million jobs are linked to exports to the rest of the EU. Of course, if the UK left the EU, a trading relationship would continue in some form.

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