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A new chapter for Portland and GPLUS

We are proud to announce that Portland and GPLUS are joining forces under the Portland brand, to create...

Corporate Communications

Portland’s international offer strengthened, as GPLUS joins the Portland brand

Portland and GPLUS are now operating as a single agency under the Portland brand, following the integration of...

Corporate Communications

How will Covid-19 change the NHS?

The NHS will be changed by this pandemic, and what emerges may not be defined as ‘post-Covid’, but...


The COVID-19 crisis in Africa is an economic one

A health crisis that affected industrial parts of the world took a different twist in Africa. With physical...

Development & Global Issues

Workers and contracts amid tentative economic restarts

Some experts are daring to speculate that perhaps Africa will not be the next epicentre for coronavirus. With...


Africa’s double burden

As countries become ever more accustomed to living alongside COVID-19, we witnessed an overall slowdown in media and...

Development & Global Issues

By the numbers: here’s where Biden and Trump are dedicating their digital ad dollars

Portland examined the ad spending and targeting strategies of former Vice President Joe Biden, presumptive Democratic nominee for...

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