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  • What Can Pollsters Learn from 2015’s Errors?

    Much has been said about the failings of the pollsters in the run up to the 2015 general election. Explanations include poor sampling[1] and the ‘lazy –Labour’ voters who never showed up at the ballot[2]. However, emerging awareness about the nature of ‘implicit preferences’ suggests that polling may be problematically plagued.

    POTUS at SXSW  

    South by South West (SXSW) first began in 1987 to improve the exposure of the local creative & music communities. Over the years SXSW has changed as film & digital communities found a home in the festival. However this year saw another shift towards a growing political contingent, as President Obama & the First Lady attended, alongside a number of other senior White House staffers.

    EU referendum: the groups and individuals that matter

    Outcome of the EU referendum will determine whether Cameron and Osborne can restore the reputational damage inflicted by Iain Duncan Smith. For those undecided, the campaigns must convince individuals of what’s at stake for their economic security, writes Sir Stephen Wall. Labour Prime Minister, Harold Wilson will be remembered for “a week is a long time in politics”.

    Uncertain productivity makes a forecast less sweet

    Most inconveniently for the Chancellor, the independent Office of Budget Responsibility revised down its growth forecasts for the UK economy at Wednesday’s Budget, causing him to miss his target that debt should fall this year. This downgrading of the growth forecast has also required him to make further changes to ensure his aim of a budget surplus by 2019-20 is met.

    Budget 2016: Osborne rewards the next generation

    SAVERS and small business owners were the toast of George Osborne’s eighth Budget as he dished out tax sweeteners for Britain’s “next generation”. But the sweeteners turned sour for the soft drinks industry as he defied all predictions by effectively bringing in a sugary drinks tax. Mr Osborne warned of growing dark clouds on the horizon for the UK economy.

    Budget 2016: Osborne’s eighth is his greatest challenge yet

    No Government ever has a completely free hand when setting the Budget. But at this stage in the electoral cycle, less than a year after winning a surprise majority, one might expect the Chancellor to be able to implement his agenda relatively unhampered. However, with elections looming at all levels, the 2016 Budget will be laden with politics.

    A Strategic Approach to Combatting ISIS Propaganda

    As it stands, the international coalition is not winning the information war against ISIS. At the end of 2015, it was estimated that the number of foreigners joining militant groups in Iraq and Syria — predominantly ISIS — had more than doubled over the last 18 months. And while that may be striking, numbers are less important than intent when it comes to ISIS’ actual threat to the world.

    A digital take on International Women’s Day 2016

    International Women’s Day generates huge activity online every year. Yesterday, on the #IWD2016 hashtag there were more than 1 million tweets worldwide. Individuals were thanking women in their lives. Celebrities used the hashtag to celebrate ‘strong, independent women’. Politicians speak about what needs to happen next.

    London 2020 Series – Focus on Westminster

    Councillor Robert Davis MBE, Deputy Leader & Cabinet Member for the Built Environment for the City of Westminster, joined Portland for the second in our series of London 2020 events, to discuss the development priorities for the borough, & the future of London as a whole. Westminster’s award winning planning team is recognised as being one of the most efficient in the country.

    Leaving the EU – Alternatives to the EU membership

    The British Government have this week published two documents: one on alternatives to EU membership should the British people vote to leave the EU, and the other on the process of leaving. If the British people vote to leave it is, so David Cameron has said – and I believe he is right – inconceivable that any British Government could do anything except turn that vote into reality.

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