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  • Introducing… HERO (hear, engage, react, optimise)

    When Portland Engagement was launched in May 2015, our aim was to immerse the practice within our integrated business to offer new and exciting ways of creating effective employee strategies. Effective internal communications matter. The data shows that engaged employees are more loyal, more productive and happier.

    A glimpse at the NHS’s digital future

    Doctor strikes, funding crises, lengthening waiting times: so much recent NHS focus has been on what it can’t do. So it’s refreshing to spend time seeing what it can do. That was the main thrust of UK e-Health Week - an event held last week at Olympia in London. It’s easy to glibly say ‘the NHS needs to be more digital’. But what does this digital future look like?

    The EU is beset by problems which defy ready solutions

    A day spent in Brussels, and the mood about the UK referendum was distinctly anxious. The rest of the EU is holding its breath until 23 June. The biggest fear is of the destabilising effect of a British decision to leave. For, ultimately, the purpose of the EU is not just prosperity for its own sake but peace through prosperity.

    Gender in the workplace

    Are men and women treated differently in the workplace? It seems like a simple question, but it is anything but. At an anecdotal level there are many layers of complexity & contradiction. Niamh Corbett, a panellist at a recent Omniwomen event we held on the issue, had asked her male colleague this question, to which he replied ’no, I mean yes, I mean no, oh dear what do I think?!’

    London Mayoral elections: the last leg

    With the election a few weeks away it looks like Labour’s Sadiq Khan will be the next Mayor of London. However, as last year’s General Election proved, nothing should be taken for granted. London will have a new Mayor on 6th May. Whether that is Zac Goldsmith or Sadiq Khan, the political landscape of the capital going forward is likely to be very different to the last eight years.

    Local government: what it means for your business

    While much of the focus has been on the London Mayoral election, there are also elections taking place for the Welsh, Scottish and London assemblies; for mayors in Bristol, Salford and Liverpool; in local authorities outside London; and for police and crime commissioners across the country. For most people, councillors help get potholes fixed, rubbish collected.

    What effect will a “Brexit” have on local government?

    Britain will vote to leave or remain in the European Union on 23rd June. Despite the noise, there remains a lot of uncertainty about what “Brexit” will actually mean for the UK. Like the economy, farming and justice, exiting the EU will have huge ramifications for local government. The difficulty lies in predicting exactly what these will be.

    Policy View: Housing & Planning Bill – the final hurdle

    The Government’s flagship bill on housing, which includes its controversial plans on Right to Buy, is suffering a rocky ride in the House of Lords. With four separate defeats inflicted so far and several opposition amendments to the bill attached, the key question is what the final bill will look like when it emerges from the Lords in the coming weeks.

    Fighting #BOKOHARAM one tweet at a time

    Two years ago, Boko Haram seized 276 girls in the northeast town of Chibok, Nigeria.  At least 270 still remain missing. Parents of the missing Nigerian schoolgirls abducted say they have identified some of the girls in a proof-of-life video. The video was released to local government officials in Chibok on Tuesday, Reuters reported.

    The EU referendum: Are polls split down the middle?

    I find it a relief to turn on the early morning radio and hear about shenanigans in Panama, or Justin Welby’s parentage: anything except another ya-boo story about the EU referendum. The BBC strives valiantly for balance, but tends to achieve it by matching the interviewee who says that the world is round by having someone else on who says it is flat.

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