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    One month to go. A month too long for many. All the experts say that the majority of voters will focus only in the last fortnight. Others point to the apparently growing gap in favour of ‘Remain’ in the telephone polls, as opposed to the online ones. But, frankly no one is sure about the reliability of either. It is almost certainly true that those who want to leave will be highly motivated.

    Portland welcomes ten new advisory council members

    Portland is honoured to announce we have appointed ten new members to our advisory council to reflect our strong international growth. The new members of the advisory council will provide strategic advice to Portland, bringing together a wealth of experience across a wide range of countries, industries and sectors. For full biographies of our advisory council members visit our people page.

    Social conversation on #EUref

    With just under one month to go until the referendum on whether the UK will vote to Remain or Leave the EU, campaigners have been gearing up for the final push on and offline. So we took the chance to look at the good, the bad and the ugly of what the campaigns have been doing online – and find out what issues and events have been driving the social conversation.

    Sturgeon re-tools the Scottish Cabinet

    This week the Scottish Parliament got back to business after the fairly uneventful election earlier in the month. Nicola Sturgeon was re-elected First Minister, without any fuss, and on Wednesday reshuffled her Cabinet and Ministerial teams giving us a good indication of her priorities for the next term. The theme of the reshuffle was “opportunity”.

    Africa’s emerging hubs

    Last week, some of Africa's most influential names jetted into Kigali, Rwanda, for the World Economic Forum on Africa, a remarkable milestone for a city synonymous with the 1994 genocide. This is no accident; the city is fast emerging as the gateway to central Africa. Rwanda’s ambitious ‘Vision 2020’ development plan aims to transform the country into the ‘Singapore of Africa’.

    The thorn in the side of Labour’s hard left

    Entering Southwark Cathedral on Saturday morning to rapturous applause, Sadiq Khan quickly capitalised on his ‘hope over fear’ elevation to the most powerful directly-elected position in UK politics. As the Tory blame game kicked off in earnest, Sadiq Khan and his team kept good on their assurances to Labour moderates that he would define a broad-based electoral mandate.

    What now for Scottish Labour?

    Let’s start with the most fundamental question: is Kezia Dugdale going to stay on as leader of the Scottish Labour Party? Unequivocally yes. Even after a result, which sees the Scottish Labour Party as the third force in Holyrood and left her “heart-broken”, she has vowed to carry on. Kezia will get her chance. There is no mood in the new MSP group to move against her.

    EU countries likely to mount the pressure on UK

    As the polls remain divided and some voters still undecided, Sir Stephen Wall, our Chief Adviser on Europe explores the most likely effects of a vote leave result. The bookies are still making ‘Remain’ the favourites to win the 23 June referendum, but the odds moved slightly towards the Leave campaign last week. If voter intentions hold, then turnout will be high.

    Brexit: the impact on pharma

    The Government will hold a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU on 23 June. With the National Centre for Social Research’s latest poll of polls showing a narrow lead for the Remain campaign, a Brexit is still very much a possibility. Health in the Brexit spotlight. In recent weeks, the confrontation has spread to another politically charged area: the NHS.

    What else happened in London on 5th May?

    As well as the Mayoral election, there were also London Assembly elections across the capital. We provide an overview of the key trends and changes across the capital. Labour have gained the GLA seat of Merton and Wandsworth from the Conservatives. Leonie Cooper won 42% of the vote to give Labour a majority of 2.3%.

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