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  • Khan strengthens City Hall team

    Sadiq Khan has appointed Rajesh Agrawal as his Deputy Mayor for Business. Agrawal, a fintech entrepreneur and innovator, is the founder and CEO of Xendpay, an international money transfer service, and RationalFX, an online foreign exchange service - both of which have grown into globally successful businesses.

    Brexit, London and local government: What next?

    In a scenario many hoped, but it seems none had planned for, the UK voted to leave the European Union last week. It wasn’t until last Friday afternoon that the gritty detail of Brexit – the untangling of 43 years of legislation, constitutional convention and trade agreements - was laid bare. So far the reaction of London has nicely followed the Kubler-Ross model of grief.

    Is devolution off the table?

    It has quickly become apparent that the result of last week’s referendum is likely to have major implications for the devolved nations of the United Kingdom. With Nicola Sturgeon in Brussels this week, questions remaining over the impact of the majority Remain vote in Northern Ireland, and uncertainty over the impact of leaving the EU on Wales.

    Unravelling the EU knot: what it means for the NHS

    The fallout from last Thursday's momentous result is ongoing. The predictions of a decision to leave the EU stretch from a return to recession, to a global crisis akin to a nuclear Armageddon. The rhetoric will surely moderate, but resolution could be some time away, as both principle English parties look to new leadership and realignment.

    Cameron’s resignation

    BORIS Johnson is this morning tipped to be Britain’s next Prime Minister by the end of the summer. David Cameron sensationally resigned as Conservative Party leader this morning after a humiliating defeat in the EU referendum. He will remain Prime Minister until his successor is chosen. His announcement came just 13 months after he swept to power in the 2015 General Election.

    Two Black Wednesdays rolled into one

    European markets opened sharply lower this morning, with the FTSE 100 index plunging by over 8 per cent and particular pressure on banking stocks with investors worried about financial stability. Sterling - which can be traded at any time - crashed by a massive 11 per cent against the dollar overnight to its lowest level since the mid-80s.

    Brexit begins

    “If the British people vote to leave, there is only one way to bring this about, namely to trigger Article 50 of the Treaties and begin the process of exit, and the British people would rightly expect that to start straightaway”. So said David Cameron in Parliament on 22 February. He will still be Prime Minister when he attends a European Summit in Brussels, starting on 28 June.

    An exhilarating opportunity

    If the electorate votes to leave the EU on the 23rd June some things will change immediately. The very next day, it will become the official policy of the British Government to withdraw from the European Union. The Prime Minister will lead the reconciliation of Remain campaigners to the new order of things. Every Minister in the Government will fall in behind him.

    Comms challenges: acquisition vs pipeline

    2016 will be "the year of merger mania," reported the future gazing PwC Health Research Institute even before the dust had settled in 2015, joining an increasing chorus of market analysts as they pour over the future prospects for the pharma sector. But with a global market of US $300 billion a year there is a lot to play for.

    EU Referendum: the outcomes

    What might happen next for Cameron and the Conservative party? Our flow chart explores the different scenarios and political implications for Cameron and UK. In a series of articles published by Portland, Vote Leave campaigners Michael Gove and George Eustice clash with some of Britain’s most experienced diplomats on the question at the heart of Britain’s EU referendum.

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