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    When will we know the result? The official result will be declared at Manchester Town Hall at “breakfast time” (according to the Electoral Commission) on Friday 24th June. However, with the count starting when polls close at 10pm, we should have a fairly clear view of the outcome between 4am and 5am. How will the result be counted?

    Next generation will face the consequences of a Brexit

    At a private briefing at the start of the campaign, the Remain team described the issue of Control as being at the heart of the EU referendum. They have not been wrong. Whether it is immigration, regulation, sovereignty or cost, the core appeal of Leave is that the United Kingdom would be a safer, simpler, more prosperous place outside the EU.

    The Economics of Brexit

    Three days out from the referendum, I thought it time to revisit the economic issues around Brexit. I am taking two sources. The first is the Institute for Fiscal Studies because of their track record of independent excellence. The IFS start from the basis that we contribute net some £8 billion on average to the EU.

    What’s the future of search? Just ask your phone

    It was great to spend some quality time last week with my kids. Good, too, that the extra guest they insisted we bring turned out to be unfailingly polite, dependable and informative. Also, unlike other grown-ups, this visitor never sloped off to the bar. My sons’ constant companion on the trip wasn’t a friend or relative but Apple’s personal voice assistant Siri.

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