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  • Portland launches new Brexit Unit 

    Portland has established a dedicated Brexit Unit to advise its clients around the world. The new unit, bringing together senior consultants, will provide strategic counsel through the new political landscape to British businesses, and international firms operating in the UK. Our senior advisory group will be supported by a dedicated team of consultants from across Portland.

    James Helm joins Portland

    I am delighted to announce we have appointed James Helm as a Partner in the specialist Philanthropy and Global Issues team, where he will support our growing roster of global development clients and provide counsel to clients across the agency. Formerly the Director of Communications at the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID).

    Donald Trump’s America is not the America I live in

    Donald Trump says America is on the road to ruin and that only he can get it back on track. He says crime, terrorism, and illegal immigration are threatening our way of life. In fact, he says, many of us are hesitant to even leave the house. The America he describes is not the America I live in. The Republican National Convention was a spectacle for many reasons.

    What happened at last week’s African Union Summit?

    You could be forgiven for missing the 27th African Union Summit in Kigali, Rwanda in a week of coups and terror attacks. But the Summit – held twice a year – could prove to be one of the most significant yet. Here's what happened: Civil war in South Sudan. The world's youngest country recently cancelled its fifth independence anniversary.

    Convention coverage in the Age of Trump

    With the Republican National Convention underway, the United States is bracing itself for what may come. This election year has left many political observers in disbelief, questioning their grasp on the American psyche. It also presents a wealth of important narratives through which to discuss the presidential election, which is about to shift into high gear.

    Employee Engagement and Brexit

    We always knew that Britain’s momentous vote to leave the European Union would have widespread consequences for businesses up and down the U.K., but what about the people who are the life-blood of these organisations? In times of instability and uncertainty, it’s natural for businesses to consider the most obvious implications for them.

    May’s team: Cabinet runners and riders and key players

    Key players in her team. Now that Theresa May has won, many senior members of her campaign team will expect to stay on in new roles to support her premiership. She has a large team and this will evolve, but current key individuals are known to include: Chris Grayling, May’s leadership Campaign Manager: A senior Brexiteer during the EU referendum.

    Theresa May’s government: a timeline of what to expect

    Wednesday 13th July: Theresa May enters Downing Street for the first time and makes a short speech on the steps of Downing Street – is expected to announce top Cabinet positions. Wednesday 13th July to Sunday 17th July: Theresa May appoints new Downing Street team and conducts full reshuffle of Government ministers. Monday 18th July: Vote on Trident renewal expected to be held.

    100 days and many more decisions

    Theresa May’s launch was supposed to be the first of a long series of speeches: setting out the primary colours of her leadership campaign. In the end it was her last campaign speech too, as the process was cut short by the departure of Andrea Leadsom. Looking at this and her previous public statements, what can we surmise about her policy agenda as Prime Minister?

    Theresa May: A new PM, an old style of leadership

    Prime Minister Theresa May will govern in a way not seen for 20 years in Britain. The contrast between her style and that of David Cameron and Tony Blair could not be greater. She is barely known by Tory MPs; she rarely circulates at Westminster drinks parties; she has no celebrity friends or hangers-on. She has no tight clique of advisers.

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