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  • A new Prime Minister and a unique digital challenge

    With Theresa May on her way to Downing Street, an incredible amount of activity will be going on to make sure the transition from David Cameron is as smooth as possible. From ensuring the office is set up in the way she wants, through to providing desks and phones to her team of advisers in the cramped Number 10 workspace, it’s a tough job to get it all done in just a couple of days.

    Why the Brexit vote terrifies the U.S.

    When the United States woke up on the morning of Friday, June 24, it was overwhelmed with shock and disbelief. The United Kingdom had decided to leave the European Union. The New York Times declared “BRITISH STUN WORLD WITH VOTE TO LEAVE E.U.” while the Wall Street Journal dubbed the decision a “startling vote” that “rattled financial markets.”

    Cameron’s blunder and the Conservative Party leadership

    David Cameron’s decision to promise a referendum on British membership of the EU will be remembered as the greatest blunder ever made by a British prime minister. There was nothing inevitable about it. It was a calculation made when he led a coalition and had little hope of gaining a majority at the election that loomed in 2015.

    Baidu in China: Crisis from beyond the grave

    Baidu, a major Chinese internet firm, is under scrutiny after being accused of promoting misleading medical information—how will markets and politicians respond? From automobile emissions scandal to the Panama Papers, reputation management is becoming an ever more challenging business. That is why businesses spent $10.7bn on top PR firms last year.

    Conservative life chance legacy

    In 2005 the privately much-touted, though previously little-known member for Witney electrified a dour assembly of Conservatives that had recently tasted their third successive general election defeat. Cameron’s parting gift to the assembled delegates was a message that would shortly be communicated, with great success, to the wider electorate.

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