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  • Running Africa – changes at the AU

    Sunday morning in Addis Ababa is the time for Ethiopia's twin religions: the Orthodox Church, and long-distance running. As the loudspeakers call the faithful to St. Stephen's Cathedral, another congregation is gathered in Meskel Square. The city's runners are out in force, pounding the grassy running track by the main road.

    What ‘America First’ means for corporations

    As President Donald Trump demonstrates a new attitude to global trade, presaging an era of protectionism and isolationism, businesses must avoid the temptation to stray from their core culture and values.

    From the word go you are challenged

    One year as a freelancer, two months as an intern, and now five months as an Account Executive – my time at Portland has already been varied, challenging and rewarding.

    Infectious diseases – not gone and not forgotten

    2016 has been quite the year from many perspectives. A recent editorial in The Lancet highlights some of the health-related topics that have arisen over the past 12 months and one of the main topics mentioned from this year struck a chord. I have worked in infectious diseases for longer than I care to remember, in research, medical education and also from a patient support perspective.

    A view from the World Economic Forum

    Global leadership vacuum presents a clear opportunity for philanthropists. In a whirlwind week which saw the inauguration of US President Trump, an impassioned defence of globalisation from a Chinese Premier and a hard Brexit become much more likely, it is no surprise that “hard” political issues dominated discussions at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week.

    From intern to employee

    The fact that I knew where I wanted to be in 20 years does not translate well to knowing where you want to be next month. Portland seemed like a good first step to where I wanted my career to progress, so after applying and mildly stalking the HR director on Linkedin I received an internship.

    From seminars to strategy

    Going from the seminar room to the boardroom is both an exciting and challenging experience for any graduate. Given that I finished university on 16 June and started at Portland on 27 June, I remember exactly what the transition felt like. It’s the time where you apply all of the skills that you developed over your university years in practice, but also where you realise just how much more there is to learn.

    2017 digital trends with a reputational impact

    The turbulence of 2016 was a fertile ground for activist movements. Global movements like BLM, organisations like SumOfUs and UK activists groups like Momentum finessed their networked approach, built infrastructure and shared winning tactics. Whilst these organisations built their names and followings through online activity, they are now combining these techniques with traditional grassroots methods to organise big offline moments directed at companies, governments and individuals.

    NHS 2017 outlook: a year of discontent?

    2017 will mark the 5th anniversary of the passing of Andrew Lansley’s Health and Social Care Act. Its Royal Assent signalled a period of great change and new ambitions. Some things didn’t change however. There was no new money, and demand continued to grow.

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