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    Last year I joined Portland’s Health team as a Junior Account Executive, following a six month placement with Save the Children International developing health and education programmes.

    How to profit from paid social influencer marketing in 2017

    'Social influencer marketing’ is set to become one of the standout buzzwords of 2017. The industry has exploded in recent years, and looks set to continue its ascent in tandem with the unstoppable growth of social media. New channels and emerging content types only increase the opportunity for brands to maximise their online communications.

    Combining interests and experience

    Coming from digital media, I was excited by the chance to think more critically and strategically, working with people from a variety of backgrounds. My colleagues come from different industries and parts of the world, speaking different languages and bringing to the table a wide array of skills and strengths.

    Questioning online echo chambers

    Both filter bubbles and echo chambers are said to shield users from contradictory views and beliefs. The argument held by the majority of publications is that these ‘traps’ have been created without us being aware. They also speculate that if given the choice we would choose to be exposed to multiple views instead of being secluded into our own pre-existing beliefs. However this assumption is overly simplistic because it ignores the realities of the convergence between our offline and online worlds.

    Overcoming pharma’s fear of social media

    The time has come for UK pharmaceutical companies to put their heads together and overcome the industry’s social media phobia. Ask anyone in pharma how well the industry uses social media and you’ll probably get a derisory snort, at best.

    Five takeaways from Destination Brexit panel debate

    To mark the launch of our second Brexit publication, Portland held a Q&A event on some of its pertinent points. The publication featured contributions from Radek Sikorski, Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Rt Hon Gisela Stuart MP, Sir Andrew Cahn and Sir Stephen Wall, and examines what shape the final EU-UK deal is likely to take. Our panel event featured some of our contributors and was a lively discussion – we have rounded up some of the key point.

    Voters reject EU payments during Brexit transition

    New Portland/YouGov polling on public attitudes towards a Brexit “transition” or “implementation” period has been published. It provides new insight into the constraints public opinion is placing on the Government, as it seeks to negotiate the UK’s exit from the EU.

    Government’s plan and public’s expectations become clearer

    Half of voters want the UK to stop paying money to the EU the moment we leave. That’s according to polling from the very first research into the public’s attitudes towards a Brexit transition period that we ran with YouGov this week.

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