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    General Election campaigning resumes today after a pause following the terrible events in Manchester. What was a fairly adversarial contest will, at least initially, take on a more sober mood. With the nation’s threat level at critical and the army on the streets, there are bigger issues at stake than Westminster tittle tattle and we can hope (if not expect) that the rhetoric from our political parties will rise to meet the circumstances.

    Who’s promising what for health?

    Against a backdrop of chronic underfunding, longer A&E waiting times, and restrictive thresholds on new medicine uptake, health and social care has emerged as one of the dominant talking points in the election race. The three main parties have all pledged to invest billions in the NHS, yet independent health experts still suggest these promised cash injections are insufficient to plug the gap.

    Doing good, and doing it better

    Professor MacAskill provides an overview of the Effective Altruism movement, and explains why each one of us is in the remarkable position of being able to save dozens of lives during the course of our own.

    Employers will need to demonstrate they value their employees

    Regardless of the outcome of next month’s general election, the next government is set to open an era of increasing regulation in the workplace. All parties are promising to champion workers’ rights and give them a greater role in the companies they work for. Firms need to prepare for this change and be ready to demonstrate they value their employees.

    Why businesses should start preparing now for the next government

    The election result looks like a foregone conclusion. The Conservatives are nearly twenty points ahead in the polls. Theresa May has a clear policy agenda for her new Government. And while the Conservatives may no longer be quite the ally of the business community that they once were, for most their offer still beats Labour’s alternative.

    Not another proxy Brexit election

    It is irrefutable that Ireland being on the outer edge of Europe, and literally being between Britain and the USA, is currently at this mercy of the chaos of international politics. To add to this melting pot of uncertainty, Enda Kenny the prime minister announced his retirement yesterday. Get ready folks for another election that has Brexit consequences.

    The digital battleground in #GE17

    With every passing election and referendum the digital space has become increasingly important to politicians trying to reach their audience. Why? Digital campaigns deliver in three key ways for political campaigns: message, money and mobilisation.

    The communications challenge to fight global cyber attacks

    The recent ‘Wannacry’ ransomware attacks which have hit over 150 countries have the potential to cause lasting damage to the reputations of organisations around the world. Large and small organisations, in the public and private sector have all been apparently targeted in the latest high profile hack.

    What will be in the 2017 election manifestos?

    With four weeks to go before the snap election, the race is on to set out party manifestos. Publication was due next week, but Labour’s 43-page draft document has now been leaked.

    Come dine with me

    Following the last few days, it would seem the Brexit negotiations have begun to turn sour. EU leaders have accused the Prime Minister of “living in a different galaxy” and suggested that her demands are “delusional” – terms hardly conducive to a cooperative and collaborative negotiating atmosphere.

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