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  • What to expect from Mrs May on Friday?

    As Parliament slips in to another break for the Conference season, the Prime Minister is jetting off to Italy. But it won’t be Tuscan villas or the Uffizi Gallery for Theresa May. Her visit to Florence this week is strictly business. Her mission: to deliver what is being described as an ‘important intervention’ in the Brexit negotiations.

    Labour in local government

    Given Labour’s performance in the UK’s urban centres at June’s General Election, any future Labour Government would likely build on this dominance both at a constituency and mayoral level.

    Digital disruption: the rise of the new activist left

    For firms one of the starkest short term effects of Corbyn’s first Labour leadership election victory has been the mobilisation of the new activist left.

    Labour – a Government in waiting?

    A Corbyn Government will be a campaigning government. Fighting austerity, promoting social justice, and building an economy for the many not the few would be dominant political themes.

    Why business should engage with Labour Party policy

    In the month between the local elections and the General Election, Labour’s fortunes changed dramatically.

    Kenya: One week on and many questions remain

    Kenya will return to the polls on 17 October, after the Supreme Court annulled the presidential results from the August elections. The original poll, held on 8 August, saw incumbent President, Uhuru Kenyatta, declared the winner with 54% of the vote, a lead of 1.4 million votes over the main opposition candidate, Raila Odinga.

    The soft power of museums

    In the not-too-distant past, museums and the arts were agents of hard power. Wards initially of royal courts and then nation states, museums were repositories of hard power – safeguarding the spoils of war and human conquest of nature. They reflected the state’s hegemony, which was very useful for cultural diplomacy: cultural diplomacy boasts whereas […]

    Portland appoints three former Downing Street advisers to its corporate team

    Will Tanner, who was deputy head of Theresa May’s Policy Unit until the recent general election, has joined the agency as its chief policy adviser. Laura Trott, who worked as a special adviser to David Cameron, is joining Portland as a partner in its corporate group and No 10 Deputy Political Director Nick Hargrave returns to Portland as a corporate director.

    Sequencing and the row of the summer

    David Davis may live to regret the first day of the Brexit negotiations in June. It might have come 10 days after the Conservatives’ election debacle, but the Brexit secretary appeared to buckle to the EU’s demands on the sequencing of talks, having previously predicted it would be the “row of the summer”.

    Can a newly defiant May lead the Tories to victory?

    As MPs get ‘back to school’ ready after the long summer break, there was a surprise missive from the headteacher. During a visit to Japan, Theresa May vowed on Wednesday to remain in power for five years and fight the next election as Conservative Party leader, saying ‘I’m not a quitter’.

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