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  • The importance of diversity in the workplace

    The banking crisis. Geopolitical uncertainty. Brexit. Phrases we have all used over the past few years. All of which have contributed to the challenging environment that organisations of all sizes have been facing.

    House of Tweets: Understanding the social networks of MPs

    In partnership with YouGov, Portland commissioned research to explore what information MPs are seeing and to what extent they are being influenced by this content consumed via Twitter.

    New Zealand’s political shake-up

    While the eyes of the political press have been on the negotiating table in Brussels last week, there were another set of political discussions taking place half a world away, as New Zealand’s recent election finally declared a winner – though you would be forgiven for missing it.

    Work is continuing to change

    No-one should be in any doubt that flexibility is going to become increasingly important to the modern workforce. But giving people the choice of what works for them is key.

    Sport as a force for good

    Sports organisations have mixed ambitions when it comes to philanthropy. Some think globally, including to growing markets; others focus locally. Both, of course, are valid. What matters most is giving, and doing so effectively.

    The Future of Work

    Matthew Taylor’s Review of Employment Practices in the Modern Economy shines a spotlight on the profound changes currently transforming the world of work. We are seeing the arrival of greater automation, digitalisation, flexible contracts, and five generations in the workplace.

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