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    In addition to the development opportunities within my team, Portland also regularly hold talks from prominent figures from the political to media world to give you an insight into their careers and experiences and help guide you to meet your full potential.

    Autumn Budget: how MPs reacted online

    Even before the Chancellor has sat down, the reaction floods in as commentators score the gags with as much vigour as the spending plans. Where once we might have had to wait for the morning papers to find out who the winners and losers are, now we know almost instantaneously thanks to social media.

    Did the Conservatives do enough?

    Today’s budget announcement offered the Conservatives a prime opportunity to reach the electorate and turn their fortunes around. But did they do enough to get cut through to the politics-weary public?

    Spreadsheet Phil borrows his way out

    Let’s hope the Chancellor has done his sums right as he prepares to borrow to make sure the UK is fit for its uncertain future.

    What happens next for UK medicines regulation?

    The announcement this week that Amsterdam had been selected as the new headquarters for the European Medicines Agency (EMA), brought both excitement and concern over the future of medicine regulation policy in Europe.

    Portland’s Graduate Programme: you get out what you put in

    As we sat at our desks on day one, we hit the ground running. It became very clear, very quickly, to me that Portland would be a place where I could thrive.

    Autumn Budget 2017

    The Budget is the key moment in the new Government’s first few months; more important and politically dangerous than the Queen’s Speech or the EU Withdrawal Bill.

    My experience so far…

    Portland pride themselves on being a collective, not a group of individuals, success is shared and good work is recognised. It also helps that it’s a huge amount of fun to work here.

    Kick-starting a career in communications at Portland

    I cannot think of a better place to kick-start a career in communications than at Portland. The four, roughly two month, rotations have quickly given me exposure to a wide variety of sectors and industries.

    Trade Bill and business: Cart before the horse?

    The government appears to be putting the cart before the horse if it thinks it can execute such an ambitious new trade policy without bringing UK plc with them.

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