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    I had heard of Portland on several occasions. Given my international academic and professional background, I was particularly interested in Portland’s international clients. After a successful interview in September 2015, I was offered a three-month internship with the Government Advisory Team in London.

    I was able to work on the most exciting accounts across Africa and the Middle East enabling me to use my language skills on a daily basis. Not a day went by without using French, Arabic and English at work. My mornings were spent working in French for a client in Africa and my afternoons in Arabic for a client in the Gulf.

    I got the opportunity to work alongside talented individuals from the British government, who have shared with me their experience and knowledge.

    After only two months, I was offered a permanent role in the Doha office to provide daily support to our clients.

    January 2016 was when I landed in Qatar and realised that this would represent an important milestone in my career. I have been able to develop useful skills through my work in Doha, particularly in the field of digital communications. My line-manager has always encouraged me to interact with major institutions in the country on this matter, also pushing me to attend conferences in Kuwait to enhance my knowledge on digital.

    I have been at Portland for over two years, this includes 22 months in Doha, three months in London and a day in our new office in Singapore last February. My varied experience has meant I have been able to build a wide range of work relationships with colleagues across most of Portland’s office locations.

    I enjoy my work at Portland and I am always pleased about having the possibility to take on new challenges.

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