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European Commission LGBTI equality strategy and the role of member states

In Q4 2020, the European Commission is scheduled to publish its LGBTI Equality Strategy. This will be the...

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Populating Press Moments During a Pandemic

While some countries have held an election in the era of COVID-19, none match the scale of the...

US Presidential Election

Who will win the Senate?

Divert your attention away from the presidential race for a moment. The Senate majority is in contention which...

US Presidential Election

Companies need to embrace the state as a stakeholder

Businesses need to understand the 'new rules' The numbers are eye-watering. More than £1 trillion of government money...

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As the Medicines and Medical Devices Bill moves closer to becoming law, have proceedings illustrated a new wave of ‘Access Activism’?

Originally announced in the Queen’s Speech with grand ambition, the Medicines and Medical Devices Bill seeks to ensure...


Abstentionism, a green surge and a setback for Emmanuel Macron: what are the key take aways from the French municipal elections?

On Sunday 28 June, the second round of the French municipal elections took place. These were exceptional in...

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COVID-19 considerably impedes the EU machinery. Serious delays – and changes in priorities – will be the result

Whilst Europe’s leaders are still firefighting, the longer-term impact of the coronavirus crisis on the way the EU...

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