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  • How can South America take advantage of its soft power potential?

    Culturally and economically, South American nations should be able to leverage significant soft power. And yet, only Brazil and Argentina made it into Portland’s 2018 Soft Power 30 index – scraping into 29th and 30th place respectively.

    Dysfunction in DC: The federal government shutdown explained

    Twenty-five percent of the US government has been shutdown for over 25 days, the longest impasse in American history.

    Five ways to elevate your social intelligence in 2019

    What can we do to better harness the power of social in 2019? Henri Ghosn, Associate Consultant at Portland, shares his top tips on how to elevate your social intelligence for the coming year.

    Top social media trends for 2019

    Amy Lockwood, Digital Consultant at Portland, provides her top social media trends for the year.

    Is the NHS plan enough to ward off Downing Street’s January blues?

    Comprehensive and ambitious, the ‘NHS Long Term Plan’ provides practical solutions to the challenges an ageing population, funding pressures and growing demand will bring in coming years.

    Five Communications trends for 2019

    Given the volume of information and pace of change we could have listed over 100 communications trends for 2019 but opted instead to focus on five that we believe cut across the noise and provide a good guidance for planning the year ahead.

    A tangled web: healthcare and the 116th Congress

    The policy and political challenges facing both parties and President Trump are many. But one – issue healthcare – continues to dominate.

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