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The Justice System and Arbitration in the Artificial Intelligence Era: Quo vadis homine? 

The important advancement of the new technologies, particularly digitalisation, artificial intelligence (AI) and smart contracts, has prompted a...

Litigation and Disputes

Office Profile: Nairobi

This week we sat down with Senior Consultant Zainab Daham, Consultant Georgie Ndirangu and Associate Consultant Kingsley Ochieng...


Post-Covid Litigation in England and Wales and the London Commercial Courts

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected two significant changes to the English and Welsh courts, and particularly the London...

Litigation and Disputes

English law: the platform for international business

While the UK embraces new global trade agreements, we should not forget the business platform that facilitates these...

Litigation and Disputes

Russian and Ukrainian litigants ​face an uncertain future

Litigants from Russia and Ukraine were among the top 10 users of the London commercial courts during the...

Litigation and Disputes

Sustainability stories can change the world, but they aren’t

The power of storytelling can’t be underestimated. Stories inspire us, teach us and influence us. We need stories....

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Office Profile: Paris

For the fifth instalment of our Office Profile series, we sat down with Executives, Jérôme Pasquier and Cléa...