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  • Johnson and Corbyn seek refuge in soundbites

    It was a Brexit debate. That’s what Boris Johnson wanted and indeed what he got.

    What Brussels wants from the election: clarity

    For the past three years, the UK and EU have been locked in an odd Brexit tango, where moves on both sides have been guided by misunderstanding and mistrust. The past fortnight has seen a change of rhythm: the attention is now firmly on the UK as the outcome of the General Election will dictate […]

    The manifesto balancing act: making the right pitch to voters

    Manifestos are peculiar things, a mixture of the profound and the prosaic. On the one hand they contain the big ideas that define elections. They provide the ammunition that gets fired during the campaign.

    After the first week, it’s a two horse race

    The Tories enter this campaign with a healthy poll lead but as the 2017 general demonstrated, a lot can change when the starting gun is fired and already Labour is narrowing the gap in the polls.

    The largest party on election night may not end up being the party of Government

    I have fought four General Elections as a Conservative candidate and have developed a healthy level of scepticism in overly obsessing about opinion polls.

    Boris’s big gamble

    BORIS Johnson has gambled Britain's future on the belief he can unite Leavers and Remainers who just want Brexit over so schools, hospitals and policing can get the attention they deserve.

    Polling: read below the headline numbers

    It is a common mistake of political pundits to obsess over headline voting intention numbers in the public domain, at the expense of everything else.

    The dawn of von der Leyen’s Commission

    Brexit isn’t the only issue concerning Europe for the first time in a while.

    Johnson will rely on creative thinking and salesmanship

    Boris Johnson will delegate power to his Cabinet and No 10 lieutenants, letting them govern while he presides as Britain's ambassadorial chairman. The new Prime Minister will approach the job in precisely the opposite way to Theresa May.

    Johnson’s first 100 days

    Johnson must tread a narrow path in his first 100 days.

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