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  • Is the climate changing litigation?

    The past twelve months have witnessed a new wave of climate change action. As well as taking to the streets, activists are also using litigation as a means of holding governments and businesses to account.

    Deepfakes – Seeing is believing?

    The rise of Deepfakes has contributed to the ‘post-truth’ culture of fake news and fraudulently constructed messages on behalf of the supposed speaker.

    Group litigation: how to manage the non-legal aspects of your case

    Group litigations are on the rise in England and Wales. This growth has occurred despite the absence of a generally applicable and transferable legal framework.

    Hard Laws, Soft Power

    The English legal system is arguably one of the UK’s most successful exports. But as power centres shift across the globe – and as Brexit edges ever closer – does the UK risk losing this soft power advantage?

    Reinforce your legal strategy with strategic communications

    The law does not exist in a vacuum. Lawyers operate, (as they should), within the clearly defined framework of a court room. Their clients, however, operate within the wider world of competing media, political and regulatory pressures.

    The new new media

    Today’s media landscape has been transformed beyond recognition, and the long-term implications will be profound. The media, political elite, and public previously sought out – and mostly accepted – the opinions and reporting of mainstream news outlets.

    London is still the leading global disputes hub – for now

    The English courts have long been the jurisdiction of choice for settling disputes. Coupled with the City’s reputation as an international financial hub, London has hosted some of the world’s largest and most complex commercial cases. It seems that, at least for now, this trend is continuing.

    Brexit and the Commercial Courts

    The British legal system is one of this country's greatest assets. Litigants from around the world seek to resolve their disputes here in London. Will Brexit put this at risk - or create new opportunities?

    Who uses the Commercial Court?

    While there is a widespread desire for concerted international pressure on President Putin over Ukraine, sanctions can be viewed as a double-edged sword for countries with strong commercial links with Russia and its citizens. It has led to a great deal of comment on what a sustained tough sanctions campaign might mean for the UK […]

    The hangover from Leveson – how to regulate the internet

    Talk about lighting the blue touch paper and then running away; just hours after handing over his report into press freedom last November, Lord Justice Leveson leapt on a plane to Sydney. Now Leveson’s interrogator-in-chief Robert Jay QC has popped up to make his first public comment on media regulation all the way from South East Asia. […]

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