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  • Shining a light on governance in Africa

    Over the past twelve months Africa has undergone dramatic and unexpected changes. The Arab Spring, the secession of South Sudan and the presidential, legislative and local elections in an astounding 27 African countries have all transformed the continent this year. Governance in Africa has never been as high on the international media agenda as it […]

    Europe needs a leader. It should have chosen one when it had the chance.

    Stock markets tumble, the banks are in crisis and Europe cries out for direction. “We don’t know who is in charge” says former Italian prime minister Romano Prodi. EU leaders should be reminded that they have only got themselves to blame. Two years ago they had the chance to put someone in place who could […]

    DSK KO’d

    The arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn on Saturday in New York has had the effect of a political cataclysm in France. Opposition leader Martine Aubry, one of DSK’s closest allies, described the news as a “thunderbolt” on Sunday. This quickly turned into a hurricane when the world saw one of its most powerful figures led handcuffed […]

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