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  • Portland’s Graduate Programme: you get out what you put in

    As we sat at our desks on day one, we hit the ground running. It became very clear, very quickly, to me that Portland would be a place where I could thrive.

    My experience so far…

    Portland pride themselves on being a collective, not a group of individuals, success is shared and good work is recognised. It also helps that it’s a huge amount of fun to work here.

    Kick-starting a career in communications at Portland

    I cannot think of a better place to kick-start a career in communications than at Portland. The four, roughly two month, rotations have quickly given me exposure to a wide variety of sectors and industries.

    No two days the same

    What is great about Portland is that whilst I have had the opportunity to work in an area that I am truly passionate about and enjoy greatly, the Graduate Programme allows me to rotate across four incredibly different and exciting departments at the company.

    An incurable interest

    Last year I joined Portland’s Health team as a Junior Account Executive, following a six month placement with Save the Children International developing health and education programmes.

    Combining interests and experience

    Coming from digital media, I was excited by the chance to think more critically and strategically, working with people from a variety of backgrounds. My colleagues come from different industries and parts of the world, speaking different languages and bringing to the table a wide array of skills and strengths.

    From the word go you are challenged

    One year as a freelancer, two months as an intern, and now five months as an Account Executive – my time at Portland has already been varied, challenging and rewarding.

    From intern to employee

    The fact that I knew where I wanted to be in 20 years does not translate well to knowing where you want to be next month. Portland seemed like a good first step to where I wanted my career to progress, so after applying and mildly stalking the HR director on Linkedin I received an internship.

    From seminars to strategy

    Going from the seminar room to the boardroom is both an exciting and challenging experience for any graduate. Given that I finished university on 16 June and started at Portland on 27 June, I remember exactly what the transition felt like. It’s the time where you apply all of the skills that you developed over your university years in practice, but also where you realise just how much more there is to learn.

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