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  • The Expat factor: could overseas voters have an impact on the General Election?

    This year’s general election is set to be full of surprises and close results. With several marginal seats up for grabs, overseas votes could be more influential than ever.

    If we are planning for the future, then where are the young people?

    There is a paradox at the heart of urban planning. Property developers, planners and consultants alike talk of the need to “plan for the future” and design schemes which last for generations. But why are the beneficiaries of such developments frequently the last to be consulted?

    From City Hall to Downing Street – what lessons for Labour?

    A look at Boris Johnson’s eight years as Mayor of London show some early warnings for the Labour Party ahead of the next general election.

    Local elections: the results

    Westminster commentators are often quick to fix their own narrative to local election results nationally, but examining the individual results provide much more nuance.

    The expectation game

    This election – in theory – was meant to be about momentum (lower case ‘m’). Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party was going to continue the campaign momentum it gained in last year’s General Election to sweep the board. Labour have made gains in some areas – but has its performance really been good enough?

    The real tests for Labour lie outside of London

    On Thursday 3rd May, there will be 4,350 seats up for election across 32 London boroughs, 34 metropolitan boroughs, 68 district and borough councils and 17 unitary authorities.

    London Elections 2018: 10 things to look out for

    In the run up to council elections in London, Portland has compiled a list of 10 things to look out for when Londoners go to the polls.

    Spreadsheet Phil borrows his way out

    Let’s hope the Chancellor has done his sums right as he prepares to borrow to make sure the UK is fit for its uncertain future.

    Labour in local government

    Given Labour’s performance in the UK’s urban centres at June’s General Election, any future Labour Government would likely build on this dominance both at a constituency and mayoral level.

    Digital disruption: the rise of the new activist left

    For firms one of the starkest short term effects of Corbyn’s first Labour leadership election victory has been the mobilisation of the new activist left.

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