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  • Khan strengthens City Hall team

    Sadiq Khan has appointed Rajesh Agrawal as his Deputy Mayor for Business. Agrawal, a fintech entrepreneur and innovator, is the founder and CEO of Xendpay, an international money transfer service, and RationalFX, an online foreign exchange service - both of which have grown into globally successful businesses.

    Brexit, London and local government: What next?

    In a scenario many hoped, but it seems none had planned for, the UK voted to leave the European Union last week. It wasn’t until last Friday afternoon that the gritty detail of Brexit – the untangling of 43 years of legislation, constitutional convention and trade agreements - was laid bare. So far the reaction of London has nicely followed the Kubler-Ross model of grief.

    What’s the future of search? Just ask your phone

    It was great to spend some quality time last week with my kids. Good, too, that the extra guest they insisted we bring turned out to be unfailingly polite, dependable and informative. Also, unlike other grown-ups, this visitor never sloped off to the bar. My sons’ constant companion on the trip wasn’t a friend or relative but Apple’s personal voice assistant Siri.

    The thorn in the side of Labour’s hard left

    Entering Southwark Cathedral on Saturday morning to rapturous applause, Sadiq Khan quickly capitalised on his ‘hope over fear’ elevation to the most powerful directly-elected position in UK politics. As the Tory blame game kicked off in earnest, Sadiq Khan and his team kept good on their assurances to Labour moderates that he would define a broad-based electoral mandate.

    What else happened in London on 5th May?

    As well as the Mayoral election, there were also London Assembly elections across the capital. We provide an overview of the key trends and changes across the capital. Labour have gained the GLA seat of Merton and Wandsworth from the Conservatives. Leonie Cooper won 42% of the vote to give Labour a majority of 2.3%.

    Who will be the key players in the new Mayor’s team?

    Sadiq Khan will bring a new top team with him into City Hall. Here’s our look at the contenders for the top jobs. Candidates for Chief of Staff: David Bellamy — Sadiq’s campaign manager and his former Tooting agent, looks the favourite to become Chief of Staff. Dr Nick Bowes – The driving force behind Sadiq’s Manifesto.

    What will be the new Mayor’s priorities?

    From building thousands of new homes to freezing tube fares. The new Mayor has an ambitious programme for the next four years. We provide an analysis of some of his key pledges. Headlines: Build thousands more homes each year, with a target of 50% of new homes being genuinely affordable. Freeze TfL transport fares for four years and introduce a one-hour bus ‘Hopper’ ticket.

    Who is Sadiq Khan?

    Everything you need to know about the new Mayor of London. Born in in Tooting and raised on a council estate in Earlsfield, his father was a London Transport bus driver for more than 25 years. Councillor for Tooting ward in the London Borough of Wandsworth from 1994 to 2006 (Deputy Leader of the Labour Group for 5 years). He became the youngest councillor in London.

    London Mayoral elections: the last leg

    With the election a few weeks away it looks like Labour’s Sadiq Khan will be the next Mayor of London. However, as last year’s General Election proved, nothing should be taken for granted. London will have a new Mayor on 6th May. Whether that is Zac Goldsmith or Sadiq Khan, the political landscape of the capital going forward is likely to be very different to the last eight years.

    Local government: what it means for your business

    While much of the focus has been on the London Mayoral election, there are also elections taking place for the Welsh, Scottish and London assemblies; for mayors in Bristol, Salford and Liverpool; in local authorities outside London; and for police and crime commissioners across the country. For most people, councillors help get potholes fixed, rubbish collected.

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