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  • Autumn Budget 2017

    The Budget is the key moment in the new Government’s first few months; more important and politically dangerous than the Queen’s Speech or the EU Withdrawal Bill.

    Do not repeal the orphan drug tax credit

    In the U.S. House, Republicans have introduced their long-awaited tax reform proposal. Their plan is to move the bill quickly through the process, pass it and get it to the Senate as soon as possible. The bill is vast and, as with any tax reform, there will be winners and losers in this battle.

    House of Tweets: Understanding the social networks of MPs

    In partnership with YouGov, Portland commissioned research to explore what information MPs are seeing and to what extent they are being influenced by this content consumed via Twitter.

    New Zealand’s political shake-up

    While the eyes of the political press have been on the negotiating table in Brussels last week, there were another set of political discussions taking place half a world away, as New Zealand’s recent election finally declared a winner – though you would be forgiven for missing it.

    Labour in local government

    Given Labour’s performance in the UK’s urban centres at June’s General Election, any future Labour Government would likely build on this dominance both at a constituency and mayoral level.

    Digital disruption: the rise of the new activist left

    For firms one of the starkest short term effects of Corbyn’s first Labour leadership election victory has been the mobilisation of the new activist left.

    Labour – a Government in waiting?

    A Corbyn Government will be a campaigning government. Fighting austerity, promoting social justice, and building an economy for the many not the few would be dominant political themes.

    Why business should engage with Labour Party policy

    In the month between the local elections and the General Election, Labour’s fortunes changed dramatically.

    Can a newly defiant May lead the Tories to victory?

    As MPs get ‘back to school’ ready after the long summer break, there was a surprise missive from the headteacher. During a visit to Japan, Theresa May vowed on Wednesday to remain in power for five years and fight the next election as Conservative Party leader, saying ‘I’m not a quitter’.

    Can Scottish Labour be cautiously optimistic?

    With Kezia Dugdale’s shock resignation, Scottish Labour are now recruiting their fourth leader in as many years. Should the stars align for the new leader, the Party may be able to start to yield real influence on Scottish Government policy for the first time in over a decade of opposition.

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