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  • May’s gamble fails

    Theresa May will soldier on as a broken-backed Prime Minister facing the prospect of her government collapsing at any moment. She will become a “caretaker PM” - forming a feeble administration with the help of the Democratic Unionist Party and seek to run the country on a day-to-day basis.

    The waning influence of the press

    It was the night the press lost the plot. Yesterday, Fleet Street threw its weight behind the Conservatives, with most British newspapers supporting the Tories. The Sun proclaimed: ‘We’ve had enough of Jezza’s rubbish…Vote Tory. Don’t Chuck Britain in the Cor-Bin’.

    Implications for Brexit

    In many ways a hung parliament is the very worst possible outcome for the UK's Brexit negotiations. Like everything else, Brexit has been flung into uncertainty, and there are now many many questions. The first question chronologically is whether or not negotiations can realistically commence in formal terms on 19 June. There are hints overnight from Brussels that it might be necessary to delay.

    Political gravity hits the SNP

    After the stratospheric results the SNP achieved in 2015 it was likely, if not even inevitable, that political gravity would kick in. Last night they came back to earth with a bump. Defeats for Angus Robertson, their well-regarded Westminster leader and depute leader, Alex Salmond, the former First Minister, and a third of their group of MPs would have been unthinkable even a month or so ago. For sure this election has been a chastening experience for the First Minister and the SNP.

    What do Mumsnetters think of the General Election?

    The terrible truth about the 2017 election is that Mumsnet users initially struggled to care. After the 2015 election and the 2016 referendum, they took a pretty jaundiced view about enduring another campaign; in a survey of over 2300 users last month, only 25% said they thought it was right to call this election now.

    Employers will need to demonstrate they value their employees

    Regardless of the outcome of next month’s general election, the next government is set to open an era of increasing regulation in the workplace. All parties are promising to champion workers’ rights and give them a greater role in the companies they work for. Firms need to prepare for this change and be ready to demonstrate they value their employees.

    Not another proxy Brexit election

    It is irrefutable that Ireland being on the outer edge of Europe, and literally being between Britain and the USA, is currently at this mercy of the chaos of international politics. To add to this melting pot of uncertainty, Enda Kenny the prime minister announced his retirement yesterday. Get ready folks for another election that has Brexit consequences.

    The digital battleground in #GE17

    With every passing election and referendum the digital space has become increasingly important to politicians trying to reach their audience. Why? Digital campaigns deliver in three key ways for political campaigns: message, money and mobilisation.

    What will be in the 2017 election manifestos?

    With four weeks to go before the snap election, the race is on to set out party manifestos. Publication was due next week, but Labour’s 43-page draft document has now been leaked.

    Will public backing strengthen May’s Brexit hand?

    Theresa May’s argument this morning for - reluctantly - calling a snap general election, was all about Brexit. She said that the opposition parties were getting in the way of her ability to deliver Brexit successfully for the UK; preventing her from getting Britain Brexit-ready; weakening her stance in her negotiations with fellow European leaders. She didn’t quite say they were thwarting the will of the people, but that was the implied message. And so she asked that we put it to the people – again.

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