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  • Boris’s big gamble

    BORIS Johnson has gambled Britain's future on the belief he can unite Leavers and Remainers who just want Brexit over so schools, hospitals and policing can get the attention they deserve.

    Polling: read below the headline numbers

    It is a common mistake of political pundits to obsess over headline voting intention numbers in the public domain, at the expense of everything else.

    Five ways to elevate your social intelligence in 2019

    What can we do to better harness the power of social in 2019? Henri Ghosn, Associate Consultant at Portland, shares his top tips on how to elevate your social intelligence for the coming year.

    Five Communications trends for 2019

    Given the volume of information and pace of change we could have listed over 100 communications trends for 2019 but opted instead to focus on five that we believe cut across the noise and provide a good guidance for planning the year ahead.

    Portland launches new division to ‘put strategy and creativity at the heart’

    Called SPARC (Strategy, Planning, Analytics, Research + Creative), the division will sit across all parts of the business, with the team working with existing consultants on all new business and major client campaigns.

    What can election polls tell us

    Public trust in election polls has never been lower. Recent media coverage has highlighted repeated failings of election polls globally. The Guardian’s Alan Travis recent opinion piece summarised this with the headline “Can we still trust opinion polls after 2015, Brexit and Trump”. His answer? “It’s complicated”.

    How did the pollsters get it so wrong?

    There was always something disquieting for me about the 2016 election. I started to get seriously uncomfortable with the public polling back in August. There were a few reasons. Mostly it was little things like the swings in margins that Clinton was winning by or that polls in swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania were coming up with results like 0% of African Americans voting for Trump.

    Gender in the workplace

    Are men and women treated differently in the workplace? It seems like a simple question, but it is anything but. At an anecdotal level there are many layers of complexity & contradiction. Niamh Corbett, a panellist at a recent Omniwomen event we held on the issue, had asked her male colleague this question, to which he replied ’no, I mean yes, I mean no, oh dear what do I think?!’

    What Can Pollsters Learn from 2015’s Errors?

    Much has been said about the failings of the pollsters in the run up to the 2015 general election. Explanations include poor sampling[1] and the ‘lazy –Labour’ voters who never showed up at the ballot[2]. However, emerging awareness about the nature of ‘implicit preferences’ suggests that polling may be problematically plagued.

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